May 082017

Materials required are one skein of cream-white Shetland floss and a little light-blue Saxony yarn, with medium-sized bone hook. Chain 5, join.

1. Draw up loop one-fourth inch long, yarn over, hook in ring, draw loop through, over and draw through 3 loops now on needle, * chain 1, draw up a loop in ring, over, draw up another loop in ring, over, draw through all 4 loops; repeat to make 4 more bean-stitches, 6 in all, with 1 chain between, and join last 1 chain to top of 1st stitch.
2. Draw loop up long over 1st bean-stitch, over, hook through same stitch, draw through, over and draw through all the loops; this is 1st stitch of each row. Chain 1, a bean-stitch in following space, chain 1, bean-stitch in bean-stitch; repeat around, join.
3. Bean-stitch in 1st stitch, in each space and every 3d bean-stitch, with 1 chain between, join.
4. Same as 3d row, with bean-stitch over every 4th bean-stitch.
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Same as 4th row, with an additional space between widenings; in 5th row make a bean-stitch in every 5th, and so on, with bean-stitch in every 10th, in 10th row.
11, 12, 13. Bean-stitch in each space.
14. Change to double crochet for head-band, making a double in each stitch.
15, 16, 17, 18, 19. A double in each double, working in both veins of stitch; narrow twice in each row.
20, 21. Double in each double.
22. A bean-stitch in each 2d double, 1 chain between.
23, 24, 25, 26, 27. Bean-stitch in each space; fasten off white yarn.
28. Fasten blue yarn in space, chain 4, draw up a loop in 2d chain from hook, 1 in 3d and 1 in 4th, all rather long loops, over, draw through all 4 loops, chain 1, fasten in next space with a single, and repeat. This makes a small, pointed scallop and finishes edge of cap.

For the button: Using the blue yarn, chain 3, 8 doubles in 2d stitch of chain. Continue around and around without joining, 1st row with 2 doubles in each stitch, then widen sufficiently to keep the work flat until nearly as large as the button you wish to cover; after one or two more rounds, decrease by working off 3 loops instead of 2, slip the button in and continue, keeping the work tight over the button until you have about half of space covered; then break the yarn, draw up with needle and sew to center of crown.
This cap is large enough for a little boy or girl of three years, and may be easily enlarged. The border may be turned down over the ears for extra warmth.