May 242016

Do something DIFFERENT this year!

Are you bored with seeing the same Christmas decorations EVERY year?

Giant blow-up Santas (been there, done that),

icicle lights (they don’t really look like icicles – do they?)

and -eeks- faded plastic toy soldiers (YUCK!)

Same stuff, different year.

Why not bring back the creative decorations and displays of yester-year?
These displays are EASY to make and fun to paint.

Plywood, paint and a jigsaw is pretty much all that is needed and a pencil to draw out a Santa Claus pattern !

Whether it’s Santa and his reindeer charging across the top of your roof, or a fireplace on the front lawn, flanked by red-flamed candles, an outside decoration gives your home a special and UNIQUE holiday look.

Use these vintage Christmas display directions to make new, unique and eye-catching displays that will delight young and old alike – Click Here!